Chelemhá reserve includes some areas with secondary shrub adjacent to the primary cloud forest, were UPROBON established reforestations.

reforestation in Chelemhá
24,000 pine trees were planted in the buffer zone of Chelemhá Reserve in 1999/2000, which have developed as valuable habitat for numerous species.

The national forestry institute (INAB) is managing a program for the support of reforestation activities. UPROBON initiatiated reforestations with pines (Pinus maximinoi) and local broadleaf trees including oaks (Quercus spp.), tiux (Rosaceae), and aguacatillos (Lauraceae), supported by INAB. A member of UPROBON permanently residing in Chelemhá is coordinating the collection of fruit and seedlings of broadleaf trees. They are cultivated in the conservation center in Chelemhá.

Adjacent to the primary cloud forest, 18 ha were lent to the local people for some years to grow corn under the condition to plant broadleaf trees between the corn plants. Meanwhile these area have become valuable secondary forest.

Conservation efforts in Chelemhá:

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