Chelemhá Lodge

Chelemhá Lodge is located on the edge of the cloud forest. The lodge is built mainly with local materials. The interior is comfortable and quaint. Electricity is produced in the reserve with a small hydroelectric power plant.

Chelemhá Lodge
Chelemhá Lodge at the edge of the cloud forest.

Chelemhá Lodge amenities:

  • Four double rooms with private bathroom and hot shower.
  • Lounge.
  • Dining room.
  • 3-course menues, including home-made bread.
  • Bar (international wines and licores, national beers, soft drinks).
  • Electricity (110 V), locally generated with a hydro power plant.
  • Wireless internet access
Rates & Reservations.
Chelemhá Lodge
Chelemhá Lodge at the edge of the cloud forest.


Chelemhá Lodge provides a cuisine based on locally grown products. A variety of vegetables and fruit is grown without pesticides and chemical fertilizers in the buffer zone of the reserve (see agriculture). Wines and cheeses are stored in our temperature stable cellar. Only fresh products are used in the Cuisine a la Chelemhá. Armin Schumacher, Swiss-born manager and chef of the Chelemhá Lodge, creates an interesting and delicious blend of local and European cuisine.

Getting to Chelemhá

Chelemhá is accessible by 4WD vehicle from Tucurú and from Senahú. All visits must be reserved in advance. Get in touch with us to reserve your visit and to request detailed driving directions.

Chelemhá can be reached in 3.5 hours from Cobán, 2.5 hours from Biotopo del Quetzal, 5 hours from Río Dulce, and 6 hours from Guatemala City.

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Room in Chelemhá Lodge
Room in Chelemhá Lodge.
Private bathroom in Chelemhá Lodge
Private bathroom in Chelemhá Lodge.
Lounge in Chelemhá Lodge
Lounge in Chelemhá Lodge.
Chelemhá Lodge
Chelemhá Lodge.

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