Partners of Chelemhá cloud forest reserve

We thank all who have supported conservation in Chelemhá Reserve, including private donors who are not indicated by name in the following list:

  • 2014-2015: Guacamaya Foundation: support of environmental education in the schools of Chelemá Uno and Chelemá Dos.
  • 2009: Stiftung Artenschutz together with PROEVAL RAXMU Bird Monitoring Program, fundraising for land purchase.
  • 2009: Training of local tourism guides by and CAYAYA BIRDING.
  • 2005-2007: NABU Regional Group "Erzgebirge", fundraising for land purchase.
  • since 2006: Ornithological research and training of local guides by PROEVAL RAXMU Bird Monitoring Program.
  • 2007-2009: Carsten Loth, Berlin - fundraising in Germany.
  • 2003-2016: CAYAYA BIRDING (Guatemalan Birding Tour Operator): Fundraising, Training of local tourist guides in collaboration with the UNIVERSITY OF APPLIED SCIENCES EBERSWALDE, Public relations.
  • 2003-2015: Muebles TONTEM (Markus Reinhard): design and building of Chelemhá Lodge and all furnitures.
  • 2003: FONACON (Guatemalan National Fund for Conservation): Partial funding of the construction of the visitors center (Chelemhá Lodge) in Chelemhá.
  • 2003: The environmental work group of the St. Michael School in Paderborn, Germany, in collaboration with the Association "GEO schützt den Regenwald e.V." raised donations of US$ 14.000 in 2002 for the support of land purchase with primary cloud forest in Chelemhá.
  • 2002: CONAP (National Council of Protected Areas of Guatemala): Official designation of Chelemhá as protected area.
  • 2000-2003: UNIVERSITY of GÖTTINGEN, Germany: Scientific studies on the land use (Michael Markussen) and the avifauna (Swen Renner) in Chelemhá.
  • since 2001: INAB (National Forest Institute of Guatemala): Support and partial funding of reforestations.
  • 1998 / 2003: UNIVERSITY OF APPLIED SCIENCES EBERSWALDE, Germany: Support to the elaboration of the documentation for the official designation as protected area, and to the training of local tourist guides through practical courses.
  • since 2000: Neighboring Maya Q’eqchi’ communities: Collaboration with UPROBON.
  • 2000: Foundation of UPROBON (Unión para Proteger el Bosque Nuboso), Guatemalan conservationist association. Since then UPROBON is responsible for the management of Chelemhá reserve. UPROBON coordinates conservation activities, runs a tourism program, administers the reserve, and provides jobs to local people.
  • since 1998: many volunteers, who supported practical conservation activities in Chelemhá.
  • since 1998: Proyecto Mosaico Guatemala: agency for volunteer workers.
  • 1997-99: UNIVERSITY of MUNICH, Germany: Floristic inventory (Harald Förther).
  • 1997: MARKUS REINHARD, ARMIN SCHUMACHER, and VERA HURSCHLER from Switzerland begin an initiative for the conservation of Chelemhá.


UPROBON (Unión para Proteger el Bosque Nuboso - Union for Protecting the Cloud Forest), was founded in 2000 for the management of Chelemhá reserve. UPROBON’s Logo symbolizes a Guatemalan Howler Monkey (Alouatta pigra), one of the large mammal species roaming through the cloud forest of Chelemhá. Guatemalan Howler Monkey is listed as Endangered in the IUCN Red List of globally threatened species.

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