Things to do in Chelemhá

Trails in Chelemha

Chelemhá is a place for people who like nature. The preserve invites you to enjoy the tropical cloud forest. Here you can explore the unique wildlife, learn about the local culture and relax in the tranquility of a remote mountain in a comfortable lodge.

Chelemhá Reserve invites to:

  • explore the primary cloud forest, agricultural area, and the neighbouring Maya Q’eqchi’ village on several trails.
  • learn from local guides about the local Q’eqchi’ culture and nature of the region (in Spanish only).
  • observe wildlife along the trails.
  • hike along an extensive network of trails for full-day experiences.
  • relax in the Chelemhá Lodge.
Fuego and Acatenango
A view point allows on some days vistas over forested mountain ridges of Alta and Baja Verapaz to the volcanoes Fuego and Acatenango near Antigua Guatemala.
Please note that all visits need to be reserved in advance. Get in touch with us to request information on access to Chelemhá.

Guatemalan Howler Monkey
Guatemalan Howler Monkey in the Chelemhá cloud forest.
Godman's Montane Pitviper
Godman's Montane Pitviper (Cerrophidion godmani) in the cloud forest.

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