Environmental education

Love for and understanding of the natural environment is key to develop environmental awareness among people near the Chelemhá reserve.

Environmental education
Environmental education in the Chelemhá cloud forest.

Teaching local guides for tours in the Chelemhá reserve began in 2003, and has been continued with support of Cayaya Birding and my-guatemala.com. Three of the local guides learned in intensive courses with the PROEVAL RAXMU Bird Monitoring Program to identify the birds of Chelemhá.

School classes from nearby villages visit Chelemhá reserve, where they learn on alternative agricultural methods. UPROBON finances an additional teacher in the schools of the villages Chelemá Uno and Chelemá Dos, who supports the main teachers, imparts classes on days when the main teachers is not attending the school, and enforces the environmental education of the village's kids.

In 2014 Michael de Groot of Guacamaya Foundation gave a 1-week course to the school classes of the village of Chelemá Uno, with his program "María and Juan plant their own forest". See a video summarizing the activities:

Chelemhá was a destination for several European student groups (University of Göttingen, University of Munich, University of Applied Sciences Eberswalde) in order to learn about cloud forest ecology and conservation activities.

Conservation efforts in Chelemhá:

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